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Back lifts - are you doing them correctly?

With the wet weather and saturated ground our horses are having to recruit and activate the stabiliser muscles of the back to keep themselves steady and balanced. This can result the back muscles, particularly those around the lumbar spine to become tight and over used. Performing a back lift can help to release these muscles by asking the horse to stretch over their backs in a gentle and mindful way.

1. Ensure your horse is standing square with weight evenly distributed

2. Place your hands on the fleshy part of the glutes just above the tail

3. Apply gentle pressure and draw downwards with your fingers or alternatively scratch from side to side. You can increase the pressure if not enough but better to start gentle than too hard

4. The aim is for the back to slowly and gently lift and pelvis to tuck under, engaging the abdominal muscles - all in one smooth motion

What to look out for:

👉 If the back dips instead of lifts, you've started too high up

👉 If the movement is jolty and sudden, you are applying too much pressure and moving too quickly, try a softer pressure

👉 There will be some instances where horses will not tolerate this movement and need to work up this stage.

👉 If your horse is showing signs of pain or discomfort such as bucking, kicking, tail swishing, moving away, ears flat back - stop and contact your therapist

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