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Flower crown photoshoot!

This month I spent a day with the ladies of Middle Ellick Livery, having springtime photoshoots with a flower crown supplied to us by Bouquet Florist Somerset (check them out for absolutely gorgeous blooms!)

The idea for the shoot came about when Leonie (in the middle picture) bought a second wedding dress after changing her mind about this floral one, going for something more traditional for the big day! This meant she had this to die for dress sat around with no where to wear it...

What better way to get some use out of it than a spring styled shoot with her lovely pony Missy!!??

I therefore contacted the lovely Claire at Bouquet Florist in Cheddar and she helped make my vision come to life!

Given I had this gorgeous little head piece to play with it seemed a waste not to get as many people as possible some pretty springtime pictures with their equine besties! And so my Saturday morning was filled with mini springtime photoshoots with all the girls from the yard!

I'm obsessed with how amazing they all looked!!!!

Girl in floral wedding dress, springtime flower crown and Fairfax and Favour brancaster sandles, sitting on a fence in the countryside

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