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Spotlight on Maddie Reader-Smith

This month I finally got to welcome Maddie to the Rikki Critchell Photography team!! We have been trying to do her welcome to the team photoshoot for MONTHS, but you know... the weather...

Maddie is a 17yo event rider competing at British Eventing BE100. She has 2 ponies called Mickey and Rocky. Mickey is a 15.2hh grey Connemara gelding and Rocky is a 14.1hh black Irish sports pony gelding and they are both ADORABLE!!!

I am super excited to spend this year supporting this team, I just know they are going places (and horse and hound agrees, labeling them 'one's to watch'!)

There has finally been a few events taking place and I managed to get up to Oxtalls for the Costswold Cup, to see Maddie finish a very respectable 3rd and 7th. Made even more impressive by the fact she had learnt the wrong dressage test, so we spent a frantic 10 minutes learning the right one at the side of the arena!!

Super excited to be supporting them at Badminton next month!! I am sure they are going to be great!!!

Make sure you check her out on insta @maddiesmith.eventing

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