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Spotlight on Hilary & Gorgeous George

Updated: Mar 27

Back at the end of February I had the absolute pleasure of spending the afternoon with Hilary and George (@gorgeousgeorgethegrey if you want to check them out on insta) for their welcome to the team photoshoot!!

After giving up horses to go to university, Hilary fell back in love with riding 10 years later after being offered to exercise a friend's horse during Covid. After a few months of borrowing other people’s horses, she decided to take the leap and buy her first ever horse, George!

George is a 16hh 9 year old thoroughbred for the last 3.5 years and they have been through quite the journey, having dealt with dreaded gastric ulcers, kissing spine surgery and successfully rehabbing back to full work! They are now out competing at Novice Dressage and are hoping to qualify for the BD PetPlan Summer Festivals at both Novice and to music this year :)

George is an absolute character (just look at that cheeky face!!) and, while dashing out between showers, he spent a few hours showing us his best smiles and making the lovely Leonie (who came along to be chief get-ears-forward officer) work super hard to get his attention! She was playing peek-a-boo around hay bales, finding horse noises on youtube, rustling treat bags and generally jumping around like a loon, all with varying degrees of success!

George's little spaniel sister also got involved in the shoot, and I know I'm biased as a cocker spaniel owner myself, but they really are the most adorable little doggies.

Can't wait to spend some more time getting to know this little team and seeing their journey this year!

Fancy your own equine photoshoot? Drop me an email asap as this summer is already getting crazy - limited slots available!!

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