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What is an equine photo shoot?!

I imagine most people have never had any sort of a photo shoot, so the idea of having one with your equine bestie probably seems a little weird! Well hopefully I can change that!

Firstly here is a little rundown of how my sessions work:

👋🏼 Before your shoot we will have a call (or whole series of messages if you are not a big talk on the phone type) to get to know each other and talk about your pony, potential dates, outfits, location etc

🌞On the day of the shoot I will arrive, we can look at outfits, I can meet your pony and we can have a little stroll around to scout out the best light/backgrounds etc

🐴Then we just get your pony ready and head off to take photos!

☺️It is super relaxed, there is no pressure. I will work hard to get the pony to look alert and get those ears forward (if you have a friend or family memeber who can come along to assist then great, but I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve so no worries if it’s just us)

👍🏼I will give you a few directions/promts/ideas for posing but I like to keep things as natural as possible so there is no formal (awkward) posing, just you interacting with your pony!

🤪After an hour or so your pony will have reached the end of their attention span most likely so we will wrap up and I will head off!

😝Within 2 weeks (usually a few days) I will the process you photos, give them a basic edit and upload them into your viewing gallery

🤓You then have all the time in the world to decide which are your faves and which products/collections you would like to purchase

🤍Your images get a full and final polish up and are then yours to treasure forever!!

And now I wanted to tell you about the shoot I had in May with the lovely Meg and her two ponies Rusty & Cracker!!

Meg was so well prepared! The ponies were bathed to within an inch of their lives, she had 3 different outfit changes and her tack was spotless!

We spent a little while talking about locations/backgrounds/ponies then took both of them into the first field to get going! It took a little while for the ponies to work out the assignment but then they were just awesome! Their next door neighbor decided it was all very exciting and was charging up and down her field, squealing, screaming, bucking and farting! But the boys kept their cool and managed to ignore her!

We then headed back to the little yard for an outfit change and Meg went for a stunning summer dress! With safety at the forefront she hopped on board with her hat and shoes on with the plan being these would be quickly whipped off for the snaps once we were in position - and thank goodness we did, as all that grooming meant Rusty was super shiny... and slippy!!! And Meg ended up going all the way over the other side 😝😝 There is CCTV footage (head over and find her @onthewrongleg on instagram and if you ask nicely she might share!!)!

Despite the little mishap, we persevered and I think you will agree the pictures made it worth it!

For the final outfit change we got the tractor out and I think this might be my favourite EVER photo shoot prop!!!

Then we tacked both ponies up and headed back to the field to get some lovely ridden pics for Meg... sadly Rusty had other ideas and having broken for trot, when Meg asked for canter again, he said no and a big ol' buck saw Meg hit the deck... thankfully she was again in her hat and just a little sore. Not the nicest way to end the session, but we did laugh and laugh and laugh for the whole 3.5 hours I was there!!!

Here's what Meg had to say about the experience and her pictures.

"Never did I think in a million years anybody would be able to get any nice photos of me and my feral horses on my “rough and ready” patch of paradise.. but @rikkicritchellphotography NAILED IT.

I still am speechless at these photos, I’ve been staring at them forever and I think that will be the case forever too.. but I need to bless the grid because I need to show everyone how amazing Rikki is!! What an amazing experience, I never thought having an equine photoshoot would be that eventful (I expect nothing less from my boys 🤣, and to be honest I thought Rikki was going to pack the camera up and head home as we really couldn’t get them to cooperate and I ended up on the floor a fair few times) however she scooped me up and was excellent moral support to me for a few hours, and the outcome of owning some amazing photos I will not stop combusting at until the end of time was so very worth it! 🥰

Rikki- Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou from the bottom of my heart ❤️ You truly know how to capture the most incredible moments.. Anyone can take a photo but to capture bonds and personalities is a real gift, and these photos are a true testament to your amazing talent."

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