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Beach horseriding in Somerset

Have you dreamed of galloping along an endless sandy beach?? Well I have just the thing for you!!!

Earlier this month the lovely Leonie and Missy (@life_with_a_moody_mare on instagram if you want to check her out!) took a little trip to Berrow beach and we cannot recommend it enough!!!

Park on the beach, loads of space, so easy to get to and ALL the space so no need to worries about having to do any tricky maneuvering with your trailer! What3Words is washroom.talkative.pockets and it will take you straight there!

Missy was an absolute superstar! Leonie knew her old owner had taken her before but this was Leonie's first time and we weren't sure what to expect but she needn't have worried! Missy was super excited when we arrived but once Leonie hopped on she was happy to warm up sensibly and then really open up (without getting silly) for a good gallop as soon as she was asked!

Fancy a trip and some picture just like this to remember it by?? I am running some little beach mini sessions in April, head here for more details...

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