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Side stretch on a stable door

The first in this series of Georgie's monthly stretch for riders is the side stretch on stable door.

This is a great exercise to do before getting on your horse. It stretches the whole side of the body from the armpit to the hip. Mainly releasing the latissimus dorsi and the Quadratus Lumborum. This enables the rider to sit upright and balanced through both sides of the body.

Take the outside arm above the head feet close to the door frame. Swing outwards bending the knees and pushing the outside hip forwards. Hold for 30s/1min each side.

Georgie offers a whole load of wellness services for horses and riders alike. These include Pilates, Sports massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Horse and rider realignment, Master Reiki, Pelvic Floor Coach and Sound bowl healing. Go and check her out at or find her on Instagram @g.b_pilates @georgie_barnes_wellness and @gbriderrealignment.

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