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Spotlight on Jo Marsh Eventing

Everyone - meet Jo!!

As you may be aware, back in January I ran a little campaign to find some new equestrians to join my little team! (I ended up picking 3 but it was sooooo hard to choose!!)

Jo was the first of my new brand ambassadors to have her welcome to the team shoot this month and I thought you might like to meet her too!

Jo runs a livery yard down in Woolavington, Somerset, as well as teaching and competing her beautiful horses.

Jo and I met on a rather overcast and at times drizzly day (aren't they all at the mo!?) back at the beginning of February. To say the shoot was eventful might be an understatement!

All the ponies were acting a little wild and we couldn't work out why, until a huge lorry pulled in looking for directions that absolutely stank!! Turns out the smell was rotting animal corpses and he was looking for a different yard that had just had to have a pony put down. I honestly cannot describe how bad this smell was... and the horses all knew something was not ok, they were WILD!

After he had left we went for a little cup of tea to let the smell dissipate and the ponies (and us) calm down then cracked on with getting some gorgeous shots of Jo and her little team of stunning horses!!

Taking each of them in turn:


This is one of Jo's two homebreds. She is 9 years old and is just the most stunning horse! Jo is hoping to get her out competing at 2* this year so watch this space!!


This is Bunny's younger sister and she is 7 years old now! She is also an eventer and will hopefully out winning frillies at 2* this season.


Charlie is 9 and this little guy is a living miracle after a broken pedal bone in one foot and a tumour in another. He's miraculously now sound and loving life so will be out doing a few little dressage competitions!


Aka Madame Gwendolyn (new passport name!!) - is only 5 and was originally with Jo to be sold, but ended up coming back and is now part of the family!

To hear about all their antics this year, make sure you are following my on Instagram @rikkicritchellphotography and you can find Jo @jo_marsh_eventing as I am sure there are exciting times ahead for this little team and hoping I can be there to capture it all!

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