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February round up

What a wash out February has been! It started so promisingly, with that lovely mild sunny day where we all got out hacking (I know this because my Instagram feed was just full of sunny 'through the ears' shots) and I was no exception!

Then since then it feels like consistent rain - at least here in Somerset!!!

I was lucky enough to get a little break from the rain on a little weekend mini break to sunny Seville (little itinerary here if you are interested!) but otherwise I think the month can be summed up as wet!!

Despite the rain (and 2 weather postponed photoshoots!) I did still manage to get out to 2 of my 3 new brand ambassadors for their welcome to the team photo shoots! You can read about the first of these Jo Marsh here! Hilary's intro to come next month!

I spent a rather wet and wild weekend up at the Mendip Plains Dressage back at the beginning of the month. On the first of the 2 days I managed to loose about 60% of the photos I took through not having the back up card in my camera! Very costly lesson learnt there!

I had a few more unusual photography outings as well this month, photographing the christening of my friend's little girl and attended a new(ish for me) venue, covering the showjumping at The Avon Riding Centre.

What else... I had a hair cut, Rocco had a hair cut! I made the decision (with my vet) that its time for him to semi retire and enjoy life as a happy hacker for now and Rocco seems to very much approve of this situation! I had a book buying and afternoon tea trip to Bath, managed to catch up with a few different friends over wine/lunch/dinner, had a trip to London and managed to read 2 books - The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella and The Mad Woman's Ball by Victoria Mas (can recommend both!).

All in all, Feb has been busy and great (apart from the rain!!) and I can't wait for more of the same in March (but hopefully accompanied by sunshine!!) - Do you think I might be a little weather obsessed at the moment!! 🤪

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